Get your professional surf photo at surfcamp Gran Canaria!

Do you want to remember your epic surf holidays Gran Canaria and share your memories with your friends? Then you should take advantage of “Pics for Clicks”!
We will take professional pictures of you while you are surfing. This means that you’ll possess some high quality close-ups which show you surfing a wave, paddling out, or diving below the water surface.

How will you get hold of your surfing pics?

We will provide you with one digital photograph:

  • 1) Like our Facebook website and share it with your friends before you come
  • 2) Put this surfing pic on facebook and set it as your profile picture for 1 week and Tag 25 friends in this picture
  • 3) Change your status to: “I had the best surf holidays ever at the Surf Camp Las Palmas!”

After this week we will send you an email containing all the pictures that we took of your surfing skills. Moreover, your profile picture will be retouched professionally!

Photos of our visitors from the Blog