Surfcamp Gran Canaria: Surf House Gran Canaria


  • Apartment directly on the beach promenade, where you will live together with other surfers. 5 Persons maximum
  • The surfspot Gran Canaria “La Barra” is directly ahead of the surf house and it is just a 5 minutes walk to the surf school Las Palmas
  • 2 rooms with view to the ocean, single beds and a double bed. We have no bunk beds
  • Big lighted rooms, each with a desk and a window to enjoy the ocean view, a sofa, a nightstand…
  • Shared rooms: lounge room, kitchen and bathroom
  • Wifi Internet conection at the reception of the apartment
  • Rooms equipped with surfboards(foam and Epoxy), Bodyboard, Longskate, Skateboard, Snorkel, Wetsuits,…
  • Decoration in “Surf Style”. Double sheets, blankets and one towel included
  • Very close to supermarkets, bars, restaurants, pharmacies, pubs, etc…

What will await me at the Surf House Las Palmas de Gran Canaria?

The Surf House Las Palmas is for those who are looking for a more adult surf atmosphere. It is placed perfectly in Las Palmas, directly at the Paseo de Las Canteras. It is your decision what kind of travel you choose; if you want a calm and more private atmosphere or if you want to find new friends, in each case, this is the right place for you. We prefer a familiar atmosphere, therefore there are 5 people maximum in the Surf House Las Palmas.

Atmosphere of the Surf House

Surfers who come alone, couples, groups from northern Europe and also people from the Spanish mainland are our guests. The guests are normally between 24 to 36 years old. If you prefer a place full of young backpackers, around 20 years old, parties, barbecues and so on… we recommend you to book the null, which is just next door to the Surf House Las Palmas. During your stay at the Surf Hostel you will have  access to the surf house.

Better being a traveler than a tourist

If you are one of those, who like to travel and want to learn more about the place you are visiting and you also want to discover the city and local culture, this is the right place for you. We will bring the canarian culture closer to you: the people, the food, the traditions and the surrounding country.

Do you come to Las Palmas mostly for surfing?

We are placed at a very remarkable privileged location, with 18 different waves, which are all accessible by walking! Waves for each level: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Our rooms are completely equiped with surfboards for most levels and with wetsuits.

Furthermore you will get a custom made surf map. The Surf City Las Palmas map. In this map we explain you everything about the waves of Las Palmas, the characteristics, the influence of tides, the necessary direction of the wind, as well as the power and hight of a surfable wave. All important information to get the maximum out of your Las Palmas surf holiday.

Activities after surfing in the Surf House Las Palmas

We organize a variety of different weekly activities: The Tapas Tour each thursday night at the old town Vegueta, it is the perfect opportunity to experience a part of the authentic local culture. Saturdays we also offer the opportunity to enjoy the Live music of the concert tour “La Ruta de Playa Viva”. The open air concerts take place from 5 pm till midnight at the surf beach La Cicer. The beach is very close to our Surf House Las Palmas. Furthermore you can do trips to El Confital: the most beautiful volcanic environment of the city and bike tours to the neighbourhood of the old town Vegueta, in which you can visit historic canarian buildings, like: La Casa Colón, El Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, El Museo Canario, etc…

If you want to have even more adventures apart from surfing, we can organize with the help of cooperating companies many different activities, like: Diving, snorkeling, para-gliding, climbing, hikes, etc...

Rent a bike

If you usually ride a bicycle, you can rent retro-bikes for a promotional price exclusively for the guests of the Surfcamp Las Palmas.

Location and equipment

The Surf House Las Palmas is placed directly at the beach promenade of the lively and cosmopolitan Las Canteras beach, only a few steps away from the 18 surf spots of Surf City Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Our surfcamp Las Palmas is placed in a neighborhood, where surfers, locals, students and inhabitants from all around Europe live. It is a place full of life and where a lot of things happen all the time. Directly ahead the front door you can go out running at the Paseo de Las Canteras (3km long), you can relax and just lay on the warm sand of the beach or you can do one of the many different activities for which you can get material free of charge in the surfcamp Las Palmas. Typically for the Las Canteras beach, you can play soccer on the beach and beach volleyball, or you snorkel through the nature reserve “Barra de las Canteras”, which is also situated near the Surf House Las Palmas. We will lend you all the necessary material.
Just a few meters away you will find many different shops and stores: supermarkets, pharmacies, cash machines, fruiterer and greengrocer, bars, pubs, discotheques, restaurants,…

Rent a Car

Only a few minutes of the surf house Las Palmas we know a variety of recommended options to rent a vehicle for one day. Discovering the island with a car is comfortable and reasonably, because the price is always around 25€ per vehicle for one day.
The ones who have decided to book the Surf Trip Gran Canaria, should know that the surfcamp Las Palmas is placed well and there are perfect connections to the highway which connects the city with the north, the east and the south. Forget about traffic and congestions. In a minimum of time we are at the surf spots Gran Canaria with our van and surfboards. We recommend you to book the  car here or here. If you book a few days before it will be cheaper.

Kitchen and living room

The kitchen is completely equipped with all the necessary cooking utensils like: pot, pan, microwave, fridge, coffee machine, tee, etc… You will have your space in the fridge, you can cook collectively with your old and new friends, have dinner with them, exchange experiences and have a great time together.

Night live

After dinner some of you maybe want to go out to listen to some music, while others prefer to go out to have a drink and want to see more of the lively neighborhood where we are placed at: Guanarteme. All without a car, you can just walk to concerts, bars and pubs where you can mix with the locals.

The surf house Las Palmas de Gran Canaria at Google Maps