Surf school Gran Canaria
What will you learn in your first surf lessons in Spain?

Our philosophy of surfing:
„Surfing is for us more than a temporary fashion. We neither like the stereotypes of surfing as a lifestyle, nor do we want to represent a surf sport, which is about wearing  brand-name clothes, acting as cool as possible and being surrounded by some thong wearing chick standing at the beach. We consider surfing more as a possibility to be connected with the ocean and nature. It is a great way to do sport, discover new places, get to know more people and have a good time with each other. A possibility to express yourself and just be as you are.”

In just 5 days of surf lessons you will learn how to stand up on your board, slide through white water and so much more, like:

  • Warm-up exercise with special exercises of stretching for surfers
  • components of the surfboard
  • Positioning and the correct way of paddling on your surf board
  • How to stand up and get into the right position
  • Posture while surfing, posture of the head and the arms and legs
  • Timing on a wave: when and how you have to stand up
  • Knowledge about the current on the surf beach
  • Your own safety and the safety of other surfers

You can reach for your dream to know how to surf with us. Our experience confirms that most of the students learn how to stand up at their first or second surf lesson.


It’s never too late to begin surfing. We teach for young and old, from children to grandmothers.

  • Theory, Warm-up and practice

    The lessons take place daily from monday to sunday and are given usually from 10 to 12. There is no determined starting date so you can join the surf classes whenever you want. If the group has already begun, you get an individual introduction to make sure that you will be able to surf with the other students as soon as possible. For the more athletic ones we offer the special possibility of a intensive course, which includes a 4 hour daily course with 2 hours of surf lesson in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. The program always consists in theory + warm-up (ca. 15 min) and the practice (ca. 1h 45 min). Our classes take place at the beach of La Cicer in Las Palmas.

  • Surf classes in groups: 6 students /1 surf teacher

    We prefer a relaxed and familiar atmosphere: therefore, unlike other surf schools, we always work in little groups of 6 surf students/1 surf teacher maximum. In this way we can guarantee a 100% of attention to all students. We can correct you constantly and we like to take care of every possible detail.

  • Private surf classes: 1-2 students/ 1 surf teacher

    If you prefer surf classes, in which one surf teacher can concentrate on you only, we offer a second option. Ideal for beginners and advanced surfers who want an intensive and personalized surf lesson. The private surf lessons for Surf Gran Canaria take place in the city Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or also at all the different beaches and surfspots of the entire island Gran Canaria. These surf trips are only suitable for surfers of intermediate or advanced niveaus. Discover more about the surfcamp for advanced.

  • Our surf teachers

    Our team consists of local and licensed surf teachers who teach with didactic competences, empathy and humor. All teachers speak Spanish and English. Furthermore we work with people of all ages: from 8 to 60 years. From the grandmother to the mother or the teen to the child. Our experienced teachers guarantee safety and a lot of fun for beginners and also advanced.

    • Group surf classes

    • 1 surf lesson 30€
    • 2 surf lessons 60€
    • 3 surf lessons 70€
    • 4 surf lessons 80€
    • 5 surf lessons 90€
    • + 1 each additional surf lesson 18€

      Private surf classes

    • 1 surf lesson 50€
    • 2 surf lessons 100€
    • 3 surf lessons 140€
    • 4 surf lessons 175€
    • 5 surf lessons 200€
    • + 1 each additional surf lesson 35€

    Writing us an email at
    or calling us at +34 622 70 50 51


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