• Surfboard rental + wetsuit during 5 days
  • Softboards available
  • 100€ deposit cash needed
  • Pick up and drop off at the Surf House
  • We do not store the material or offer lockers, pick up the first day and return it the last day
  • Unlimited surfing all the time you want
  • The rental of the material does NOT include accident insurance
  • No refunds for cancellation or early return

  • 1 surf lesson + 5 rental days 80€
  • 2 surf lessons + 5 rental days 110€
  • 3 surf lessons + 5 rental days 120€
  • 4 surf lessons + 5 rental days 130€
  • 5 surf lessons + 5 rental days 140€



* All packs include classes for beginners or low intermediate level. If you need private lessons because your base in surfing is already very solid and you want to surf “green waves” we recommend you to book private lessons with 1 instructor paying an extra amount. We adapt your pack, just ask for it!

* The FREE activities are additional services that we offer to our customers exempt from any charge in the Pack.