Internship Gran Canaria @ FEEL Surf Camp Las Palmas

Internship Gran Canaria
Spain Internship in Tourism Industry of Canary Islands

We are looking for two students interested in doing the Internship in Spain . We are based in Gran Canaria so the Internship will be at the Canary Islands. This means to learn but also to enjoy and discover.

This Internship in Gran Canaria will happen at the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria at our Surf Camp and Yoga Retreat located by the beach. We are a startup travel agency that operates as a Surf Camp and also Yoga retreat. We are a young team, perfect for those students who want to learn and do the Erasmus Plus Internship but at the same time enjoy an island full of fun and great options.

We offer two Erasmus Internship vacancies. You can apply for your Internship all year round as we are always open, so just send us an email with your preferred dates.

For how long is the Spain Internship for Erasmus Students?

> The minimum duration of the Internship is at least 3 months.

The fields are very open so we can adapt the internship to your requirements and University.
We are specially also focused on erasmus students who look for:

Internship Gran Canaria > Tourism Industry Internship > Erasmus Hospitality

During this Internship in Spain we will work exclusively with the erasmus students on the Canary Islands Internships. As we are based in Gran Canaria island the internship will be at the capital of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

For which students is this Erasmus Internship?

The Internship on Marketing is one of our offers as well as the Internship in Hospitality and Tourism.  The final goal of all our internships in Gran Canaria is to practice how a company works learn and practice the knowledge from the University studies. Probably lots of Universities offer Erasmus Plus Internships, so you just need to ask them about it . They have some “money help”, a Grant to offer to practice the Internship in Spain. You just need to apply for it at your University. We are liking to help you to complete the requirements to get access to this help to do the Erasmus Internship. 

> Check out the conditions to get access to Erasmus Plus Internships on that link

We are welcoming students from different fields and areas looking for students of Erasmus Internship in Gran Canaria related with the fields:

  • Tourism Management Internship in Spain > Gran Canaria
  • Hospitality and Tourism Internship in Spain > Gran Canaria
  • Sport Science Internship in Spain > Gran Canaria
  • Marketing Internship in Spain > Gran Canaria
  • Spanish Language Internship in Spain > Gran Canaria

When is the Internship happening?

We have open places during the 12 months of the whole year and it’s an Internship in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city. The duration must be at least during three months minimum requirement. So you can just send us an email to and let us know for which three months are you looking to do the Internship in Spain.

Offers for our Internship in Spain:

You can visit our three different main offers for the Erasmus Internship at Canary Islands that we offer:

How to apply for this Internship?

Please if you are really interested on doing this Internship in Gran Canaria with our company, you can send us an email with your CV and Motivational letter to:

We will be glad to read your motivation to come to have an Internship in Spain. Please don’t forget to let us know about the minimum 3 months that you would like to come.


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