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The Surfcamp Las Palmas offers more than surf lessons, good waves and great weather. Further we want to give our guests a better understanding of the canarian culture! In this blog we want to tell you more about what´s going on in the surfcamp the next time. We will write about our activities and special daytrips!

Last Saturday we had some pretty, nice waves at our surf beach La Cicer in Las Palmas. So it was the best time for beginners, learn to get the take-off.  After surfing and relaxing at the beach, the guests and the staff from the surf camp were glad to enjoy some good live music from local bands at the beach promenade in the evening. In Las Canteras (name of the beach promenande) there are live concerts every Saturday evening! Isn´t that great?!

This Saturday we enjoyed the music, while drank cervezas and ate a good snack. We were a group of people from all over the world (for example Finland, Germany, USA, Netherlands) and it was great to exchange views about everything and anything. Of course everybody came not only for surfing, but also to rest sometimes a little bit to enjoy the incredibly good weather (sunshine, blue sky and more than 30 degrees!) and to find out more about Gran Canary’s culture life. Exactly, therefore, our surf camp Las Palmas offers activities like the Concert-Tour!

Saturday we have met everybody in the Surfhouse and have sauntered together to our first stop in the NYC Taxi Bar. There the musicians of a very authentic rock band gave it everything, what motivated some guests to head banging and crazy dance moves! In between we had a small strengthening in the form of divine Burritos of the Shakas (Surfbar a few metres next to the concerts) and of course a cold beer in addition!!

The bands ordinarily play approximately 1 hour and then it goes to the next bar, until one comes at the end at eleven o´ clock to the Mumbai Sunset Bar to enjoy the last live concert! Of course this Saturday we did it the same way. If not everybody had to get up early in the next morning (for surfing or because some had to leave us to head home), our group would have spent the last hour of the night in the Mojo-Club, a really nice place for dancing till the crack of dawn. The next Saturday it goes definitely again there!!

By the way we also want to show you some gorgeous photos of the last Saturdays..

concert tour


Stay tuned – see you next week!