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Surfcamp Gran Canaria and the introduction to the amazing world of Surfing !

You want to learn to surf? Surf Camp Las Palmas provides  you step by step all necessary information to prepare you for your upcoming Surfcamp in Gran Canaria.

Buttom Turn, Ricochet and Duck Dives sounds all Greek to you? You concern Malibu as a city in California and a Fish as a  sea dweller?Perfect, then you are finally arrived were you supposed to be: At the BIG SURFING 101

This 101 guide was constructed in order to (theoretically) prepare you for you upcoming Surfcamp in Gran Canaria. Doesn´t matter if you´ve been on the waves before or an absolute beginner, this summary will offer you EVERYTHING you need to know to become a real SURFPRO.

When I had my fist days of surfing I was totally overextended. Pointbreak? Line up? What the hell are they talking about? I just want to learn to surf !! The more time I spent on the water, the more dodgy words and expressions crossed my way and I finally decided to eliminate this uncertainties.So I ended up surfing  the internet for solutions. I felt overwhelmed by the abundance of information I gained. It wasn’t long before I realized that this is much more then knowing a few words, it´s like entering a world of its own of which existence you didn’t even know about.

Surf lingo, the unique jargon of surfers, is the unusual vocabulary associated with the world of surfing. It can vary from country to country and culture to culture but to a certain extent even surfing in it self can be seen as a universal language. This regularly appearing Blog has its aim to slowly introduce you to exactly that world of surfing.  

Every published edition will be placed under a different motto so that in the end you have a whole set (by the way: surfing expression for group of waves coming in) of information concerning the world of surfing. It will treat you with common surfing phrases, necessary information about different boards and wetsuits, maneuvers and stunts, weather conditions and many other fascinating things.

Surf Camp Las Palmer´s 101 guide will save you a lot of time reading professional magazines and will equip you perfectly for your next/first ride on the waves. Enjoy reading and learning!!

Live is a Beach, Hang loose and check out next edition “ SURFING 101 Part 1”


Surf Camp Las Palmas, Kelly