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Surf camp canary island presents the SURFLINGO Dictionary

This Episode of the “Big Surfing 101” will introduce you to the world of the Surfspot and everybody you might encounter during your surf lessons

Surf camp Las Palmas on the canary island welcomes you to the first edition of our “Big Surfing 101”, the SURFLINGO dictionary explaining the unique jargon of the surfers. Through the upcoming released editions, Surf Camp Las Palmas will teach you all the important things you have to know about the exciting sport of surfing to get ready for you next surfing lesson.

Before we start dealing with waves, conditions and equipment, we want to use this edition to explain some surfing basics. Setting of this week: The Surfspot and whom to encounter there.

The Surfspot is the place where the magic happens. A Surfspot is the particular section of the coast where surf able waves appear. Generally, you can find there two different types of dudes (surflingo: a friend, can be one of your friends, or just anyone you are talking to).

There is the SurfPRO, who has maximum surfing experience, knows how to ride the waves and therefore achieves maximum admiration. On the other end of the flagstaff, idles around the Gremlin/Grommet or just called Hodad. He´s the absolute beginner, maybe in his first days of surf lessons. They can easy been picked out by the way they behave in the water. Most of the time they are occupied with walking with their board and looking around. However, they are particularly specialized in doing Wipe outs (Surflingo: When a surfer totally bails out on their board or gets smashed on a wave), therefor having lots of Neptune Cocktails (unintended gulp of seawater as a result of the wipeout) and consequently doing Facials (hit the sand with the face first). They are young hanger-ons who are sometimes troublesome to SurferPROS and therefore do not enjoy high popularity and reputation among others in the water. Of course, there is a large scale between these two extremes with a wide range of degree of competence the surfers have.

Furthermore there exist big bunch of expressions to describe other characters you might will find hanging around at a surfspot. Some of them are listed here, some to learn from, some to simply amuse you. 🙂

BALLER Someone who cries on the beach when they break their board
BEACH-SURF BUNNY A girl coming to the beach to watch SurfPROs riding waves
BOUY Someone who acts like they surf but really just sits on the board acting like they’re waiting for wave
FLOUNDER Someone who is splashing around in the lineup and not catching waves (closely related to the BOUY)
HIGHWAY SURFER Someone that is bad at surfing or a fake surfer
HOGGER Someone who takes all the waves (opposite FLOUDER)
PUDDLEPUSS Someone who stays in the shallows riding the white water
SPONGER Boogey boarder or body boarder
TRODER Someone who wipes out often
WAXBOY Someone who sits on the beach with his or her board and never goes out. Just keeps waxing their board
WEEN Someone who asks you questions about surfing constantly

To quickly get rid of being a Gremlin/Grommet or Hodad and climb up the surfing career ladder as soon as possible, don’t hesitate in null. During your time at the surfcamp on canary island we try to raise you up to become a real SurfPRO.

Lets get down to business next edition when we will give you heaps of information about all different kinds of surfboards. Sizes, types, material……

Live is a Beach, Hang loose and check out next edition “SURFING 101 Part 3”


Surf Camp Las Palmas, Kelly