Surf Lessons for intermediate and advanced level surfers in Feel Surf Camp Las Palmas, Gran Canaria: Bring your surfing skills to the next level

Have you had surf lessons before? Do you already have some surf experience? If so, we would recommend our private surf lessons.

What are the objectives of the private lessons? We will aim to work on some of the following:

  • Consolidate your pop-up and take-off, and improve your positioning on the wave
  • Learn to understand the direction the wave is travelling
  • Improve your paddling technique
  • Provide advice to improve your duck-diving
  • How to pick up speed on the wave
  • To achieve your first cut-backs and turns on the crest of the wave
  • How to leave the wave before it closes out
  • To recognise currents and use them for getting in and out of a break

Am I a beginner or an intermediate surfer?

To figure that out for sure, we recommend you to read the next section thoroughly and decide about your actual level. You should be honest to yourself. There is nothing bad about being a beginner, no one is born as a professional and everyone has to start learning to surf as a beginner. We understand that you want to improve your skills and rip the beginner label off your wetsuit, but before you decide to take surf lessons for intermediates, you should know:

  • Surfing isn’t a sport you can learn easily through only 5-10 days of lessons, it requires a lot of motivation, dedication, technique, skill, patience and plenty of practice!
  • If you’ve taken a short surf course of 5 to 10 days within the last year or few years, if you’ve ever tried it with friends who lent you a board, or if you took surf lessons whilst travelling years ago… in 99% of the cases you are still a beginner. Even though you are able to surf a little and you won’t be starting from scratch, you are still not an intermediate surfer.

How do I know that I am an intermediate surfer? The moment of truth: Can you answer the following questions with a yes?

  • I have surfed more than 50 times
  • I am in a good shape because I do sport regularly
  • I am stable on the board when paddling, and I have no problem waiting on the board for waves
  • My take-off is solid, and I don’t fall from my board in 4/5 waves I catch
  • I can usually recognise if a wave is breaking to the left or right
  • I know how to duck-dive but don’t always manage it
  • I have no problems catching waves, but I can’t always distinguish between good and bad waves
  • Every once in a while I succeed in taking a long wave and surfing diagonally down the face


  • You are only ready for the intermediate level surf course if you were honest to yourself and you can identify with the above listed skills. If you’re aiming for this level, but haven’t quite reached it yet, please DON’T WORRY, take your time. We’d recommend you to choose the surf course for beginners and tell us what you already can do and what you want to improve on.
  • With effort, dedication and practice you will soon reach the intermediate level. Our essential concern is that you, as a surfer, know your actual level of surfing and that you don’t choose surf lessons at the wrong level.
  • It’s great that you want to leave the beginner label behind and develop your skills, but a reasonable and realistic self-assessment is a real virtue when it comes to surfing. Joining surf lessons at a higher level than your own can become a real nightmare.
  • Finding yourself in a situation where you lose control, in a sea state beyond your capability, and don’t know how to handle it could give you a bad experience or even make you hate surfing.
  • Our priority is therefore that you have fun in a safe environment, learning within the means of your ability and physical capabilities.
  • Our goal is that you have a great time during your holiday and still want to surf more and more, year after year in the future. We will help you with all resources we have, so that you can reach your goals as soon as possible but also step by step so you don’t skip any important stages.
  • We believe you will really love this sport by not getting too frustrated or scared.

What days are lessons? How are the lessons? Theory, Warm-up and practice

The lessons take place daily from Monday to Sunday and are given usually from 10am until 12pm. There is no set start day, so you can join the surf classes when ever you want. If the group has already begun,  you will get an individual introduction at the beginning of the lesson to catch you up with the group and make sure you don’t miss anything. For the very athletic among you, we offer the possibility of an intensive course of 4 hours a day, with 2 hours of surf lessons in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. Lessons consist of theory + warm-up (ca 30 min), practice (ca 1h 30 min) and stretching (ca 15 min). Our classes take place at the beach of La Cicer in Las Palmas. We don’t drive to any other beaches or spots to teach intermediate levels.

Private surf classes: 1-2 students/ 1 surf teacher

If you prefer surf classes with a surf teacher dedicated to you, we offer a second option of 1 instructor to a maximum of 2 students. Ideal for beginners or advanced alike who want an intensive, personalised surf lesson. Our private surf lessons of Surf Gran Canaria take place in the beach of Las Canteras in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The surf at different beaches and surf spots around the island are called Surf Trips. These surf trips are only suitable for surfers of advanced levels. Discover more about the surf camp for advanced surfers.

Our surf teachers

Our team consists of local, qualified surf instructors who enjoy teaching with empathy and humour. We teach groups of all ages, from 7 upwards, and all our instructors speak both Spanish and English. Our experienced teachers guarantee safety and a lot of fun for beginners and advanced alike. Get to know our surf instructors here!

    Private surf classes

  • 1 surf lesson 50€
  • 2 surf lessons 100€
  • 3 surf lessons 150€
  • 4 surf lessons 200€
  • 5 surf lessons 250€
  • *each additional surf lesson thereafter: 50€
    *second person of the booking has a 50% discount of the price