Surf School Gran Canaria: Surf Classes for Beginners.

Surf school Gran Canaria
What will you learn in your first surf lessons in Spain?

Our surfing philosophy:
“Surfing for us is more than just a fashion. We don’t like the stereotypes of surfing as a lifestyle, nor do we want to represent a surfing as a sport which is about wearing  branded clothing, acting as cool as possible and standing on a beach, surrounded by blonde girls. We see surfing more as a possibility to be connected with the ocean and nature. It is a great way to do sport, discover new places, get to know more people and have a good time together. It’s a possibility to express yourself and just be who you are.”

In just 5 days of surf lessons you will learn how to stand up on your board and ride the white water as well as…

  • Warm-up and stretching exercises especially for surfers
  • Parts of the surfboard
  • Correct positioning on your surf board, and how to paddle effectively
  • How to stand up in the right position
  • Posture while surfing, positioning of your head, arms and legs
  • Timing on a wave: when and how to stand up
  • Knowledge of currents on the surf beach
  • Your own safety and the safety of other surfers

Your dream to know how to surf is achievable with us! In our experience most of the students learn how to stand up in their first or second surf lesson

What days? How are the lessons? Theory, warm-up, practice and stretching.

The lessons take place daily from Monday to Sunday, and are given usually from 10am to 12pm. There is no set start day, so you can join the surf classes whenever you want.  If the group has already begun, you will get an individual introduction at the beginning of the lesson to catch you up with the group and make sure you don’t miss anything. For the very athletic among you, we offer the possibility of an intensive course of 4 hours a day, with 2 hours of surf lessons in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. Lessons consist of theory + warm-up (ca 30 min), practice (ca 1h 30 min) and stretching (ca 15 min). Our classes take place at the beach of La Cicer in Las Palmas.

Surf classes in groups: 6 students /1 surf teacher

We prefer a relaxed and familiar atmosphere therefore we, unlike other surf schools, always work in small groups of max. 6 surf students to 1 surf teacher. In this way we can guarantee 100% attention to all students. We will constantly give you advice to help you improve – we like to take care of every possible detail. You will never see us with arms crossed on the shore, we take it seriously without losing our smile.

Private surf classes: 1-2 students/ 1 surf teacher

If you prefer surf classes with a surf teacher dedicated to you, we offer a second option of 1 instructor to a maximum of 2 students. Ideal for beginners or advanced alike who want an intensive, personalised surf lesson. Our private surf lessons of Surf Gran Canaria take place in the city of Las Palmas at our local beach. These surf trips are only suitable for surfers of intermediate or advanced levelsDiscover more about the surf camp for advanced surfers. We don’t drive to any other beaches or spots to teach beginner levels.

Our surf teachers

Our team consists of local, qualified surf instructors who enjoy teaching with empathy and humour. We teach groups of all ages, from 7 upwards, and all our instructors speak both Spanish and English. Our experienced teachers guarantee safety and a lot of fun for beginners and advanced alike. To get to know our instructors, click here!.

    Group surf classes

  • 1 surf lesson 30€
  • 2 surf lessons 55€
  • 3 surf lessons 75€
  • 4 surf lessons 95€
  • 5 surf lessons 115€
  • *each additional surf lesson thereafter the first reservation = 20€. The escalation of the prices is just applying on the first reservation.

    Private surf classes

  • 1 surf lesson 50€
  • 2 surf lessons 100€
  • 3 surf lessons 150€
  • 4 surf lessons 200€
  • 5 surf lessons 250€
  • *each additional surf lesson thereafter: 50€
    *second surfer of private lessons pays 50% of the price



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