Why Gran Canaria.

Surfing Canary Islands: Surfing Gran Canaria compared to the islands Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Teneriffa

Surfing Canary Islands has many faces. Gran Canaria offers a calm surfing experience with a big amount of different surfspots, where you will find the kind of wave that certainly matches your taste

Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) Fuerteventura Lanzarote Tenerife
Diversity of null in walking distance of the Surf Camp Gran Canaria Need to rent a car Need to rent a car Need to rent a car
The interior of the Island offers a subtropical climate. There are various walking and hiking trails. The nature is lush and invites us to null. Arid interior, desert-like Arid interior, volcanic rocks mountainous interior
Lively and multicultural, cosmopolitan, 153 nationalities living together Mainly Italians, Germans and English Italians, Germans and English Germans and English
Las Palmas the base of the Surf Camp Gran Canaria: A tranquil city that feels like a village where everyone knows everyone. Ghost towns. Only inhabited by tourists during the peak season Villages inhabited by locals, apartments, calm atmosphere Santa Cruz: City without sea and waves
Vast variety of excellent restaurants. Cuisine of 25 different nationalities Local and touristy restaurants Local and touristy restaurants Local and touristy restaurants
3 shopping malls in walking distance Shopping malls in the big cities Shopping malls in the big cities Shopping malls in the big cities
null, every Saturday, 17-23 o`clock, at the beach promenade null Only sporadic concerts Only sporadic concerts Only sporadic concerts
Large choice of bars, pubs, and clubs in walking distance Limited choice of pubs and bars Limited choice of pubs and bars s Moderate choice of pubs, bars, and clubs. Only in the south and capital


Don´t forget…

  • Our Surf Packs for a week offer also different activities and a Daytrip Gran Canaria,which is included in the price
  • Surf spot map of Las Palmas. Las Canteras offers many different waves: there is a spot for every level at Playa de Las Canteras. This beach offers many different kinds of breaks: white water surfing for beginners, mellow and long waves for long board surfing and stand up paddle, short waves and tubes for bodyboarding, beach breaks for advanced surfers and reef breaks for experienced surfers.
  • If you would like to go on a surf trip in the Canary Islands, i.e. Gran Canaria, we´ll be happy to take you to the bestnull. There are waves for all levels: beach breaks, reef breaks, point breaks, tubes, mellow waves and long waves. In Gran Canaria you will find any kind of wave that you are looking for.


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