Surf Gran Canaria, the best of surfing Canary Islands

Surf Gran Canaria is probably the less known but also best option for most people, who want surfing Canary Islands. Especially when you are looking for surf spots which are not overcrowded.

Gran Canaria is one of the centrally located Canary Islands, a paradise for sufing Europe. There are many reasons for a guaranteed exciting surf experience at Gran Canaria. We from the Surfcamp Las Palmas have the opinion that more known islands like Lanzarote or Fuerteventura have surfspots with better quality but aren’t therefore better fitting for a Surftrip on the Canary Islands. The reasons? At other islands there are less different kinds of wave (Lanzarote) and more wind (Fuerteventura), this circumstances cause gatherings of people at one point in the water of a surfspot, so there will be more conlicts.

Surf Gran Canaria, most of all Las Palmas remains a paradise for surfers because of the following reasons:

  • More than 100 different waves at the whole island; We will give you a map after your arrival in which all spots are marked
  • A big variety of waves: Derechas, izquierdas, para surf, bodyboard, longboard…
  • Less people in the water
  • Less wind
  • Short distances between the different kind of waves
  • Short distance (ca. 30 minutes) from north to south of the island
  • Pointbreaks, reefs, beach breaks, slabs,… variety of waves
  • Less tourism, which is mostly in the south of the island
  • Good air connection