Surfcamp Gran Canaria is located at the Playa de Las Canteras: The best place for surf holidays on the Canary Islands

The base of our Surfcamp Gran Canaria is at the beach Playa de Las Canteras. Our guests who come to learn surfing at our Surf School Gran Canaria or to do a surf trip Gran Canaria will stay at our studios or ocean apartments .

Las Palmas is a bustling city which is lively all year long. The entire beach Playa de Las Canteras is skirted by an attractive promenade that is frequented by the residents of Las Palmas. Being an aterial walkingway the “paseo” humms with life.

The  Playa de Las Canteras, the home of our Surf Camp in Gran Canaria, is the local holiday area of Las Palmas.

The pleasent mild climate allows an active life style that takes place outside. At the beach Playa de Las Canteras you will see a lot of joggers, friends playing football, beachtennis, volleyball, kids building sand castles, and tourists sunbathing.

Las Canteras: The hub of life

There is a great variety of activities and events that take place at the beach Playa de Las Canteras throughout the year. Among those there are sport competitions, dive trips, open air events and concerts organised by the Playa Viva every saturday night. For further information, news, events, and pictures visit the web page of Playa de Las Canteras.

What is the beach Playa de Las Canteras like?

Extending from east to west, the 3,5 km long beach Playa de Las Canteras reaches from La Puntilla to the concert hall Auditorio Alfredo Kraus .

In general there are 3 sections: the Northern Arc, the Centre Arc, and the Southern Arc.

The Northern Arc
The waters are calm. There are some hotels and shops. The beach is wide and the sand golden. This is probably the most touristy area of the beach Las Canteras. However, there are excellent restaurants, too. And in this area there are public volleyball courts.

The Central Arc
The atmosphere at the centre of the beach Las Canteras is very friendly. The tranquil waters invite swimmers. The midpoint of Las Canteras, the emblematic Playa Chica, is shaped like a shell. In this area you will find a lot of reastaurants and shops. Another point of attraction is Peña de la Vieja, a rocky part of the beach that reveals its beautiful reef at low tide.

The Southern Arc
This area is better known as La Cicer. The sand is mainly black and the reef stays deep beneath the surface. Therefore, the waves and the swell make their way into the bay of the beach Playa de Las Canteras. There are various quality waves for each level of difficulty.

There is fine and golden sand at the first two thirds of the beach: from La Puntilla to Punta Brava. You will find black volcanic sand at the last third of the beach reaching from Punta Brava to La Cicer.
It is a natural reef made of rocks. It is only 200 meters off the coast and you can easily reach it when going for a swim. Since it was designated a natural reserve, its marine biodiversity is rich. Respecting its fragility you may go for an amazing snorkeling trip.
Extending from La Puntilla to El Auditorio at La Cicer, the beach Playa de Las Canteras humms with live.
Lifeguards and Red Cross. Winter: 10-17 o´clock. Summer: 10-19 o´clock.
-Lifeguards positioned at the entire beach.
-Sport facilities: Basketball, volleyball, fitness trails.
-Wheelchair access.
-Weekly examination of water samples.
-Bathrooms, Toilets and changing rooms, Showers.
-Rental of sun chairs, and parasols.
-Free Wireless Lan in some parts of the beach.
-Tourist information.
Las Canteras is certified with the UNE-EN ISO 14001, AENOR. In Spain there are only two beaches more that have this certificate: La Concha (San Sebastián) and La Victoria (Cádiz).