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Surfing the Atlantic Ocean with our Gran Canaria Surf Camp- Learn more about your Surfboard before you start your Surf holiday with us

This Episode of the “Big Surfing 101” will introduce you to the Shaper and his Product. More precisely you will learn a lot about your surfboard: Where it is made, which material is used and what elements are essential to have a good ride on the waves.

Gran Canaria Surf Camp welcomes you to the Second edition of our “Big Surfing 101”, the SURFLINGO dictionary explaining the unique jargon of the surfers. Through the upcoming editions, Surf Camp Las Palmas will teach you all the important things you have to know about the exciting sport of surfing to get ready for your surf holiday with us. Before you go out to surf the Atlantic Ocean, it´s wise to take some time to get a bit of theoretical information about surfing. Setting of this edition: The sharper and his product.

 The surfboard is THE essential piece of the surfing equipment. In order to get a fundamental understanding of the board we´re riding in the Atlantic Ocean, we shouldstart with looking at the very beginning of a surfboard.

 The hopefully long life of a surfboard begins with the sharper. He´s the magic person who transforms a blank into a surfboard. As much art as it is craftsmanship and carpentry, shaping good surfboard requires a set of specific tools, techniques, and knowledge that usually take years to learn and decades to perfect. Let´s take a closer look at the specific ocean mathematics: The surfboard construction and its material.

 First, there is the foam blank. It is the original block of foam used to shape a surfboard. The foam is a lightweight, cellular plastic material containing gas-filled voids. Almost 90% of surfboards you will spot in your surf holiday are polyurethane or polystyrene-based. Polyurethane (PU Blanks) are common for premium non-industrial produced boards. Since the 1960s, this type of blank is regarded as the standard material. However, they are not consider the best choice because of the environmental damage during its manufacturing and the fact that it absorbs Atlantic Ocean water once the laminate is damaged. Polystyrene (EPS Blanks) is frequently used for industrial manufactured boards. It is a cheap and not very stable material that also absorb water.

To have a well-functioning board once you are in the Gran Canaria Surf Camp, theblank is applied by a layer of fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber or natural materials. This is a cloth woven from glass strands gathered into yarns, available in various weights, patterns and finishes.  The less glassing used the lighter your board will be, but this will make it more prone to dings, delamination and breakage.

In order to have a flexible and stable board once you´re surfing the Atlantic Ocean the shaper adds the Stringer. This wood structure typically runs down the center of a foam blank, provides strength, and flex memory to the surfboard. The so-called Channels on the bottom side add drive, agility and direction to turns…so all you need to have fun in your surf holiday.

 When shaping, the shaper often takes into account the specifications of the client surfer, and molds his medium to best accommodate the user’s personal surfing style and wave of choice Less common and with smaller acceptably among Surfpros, you also  can buy a standard store board for example from the American surfboard manufacturing company Surftech. It is specializes in mass-produced and currently is the largest surfboard manufacturer in the world.

Finally yet importantly, we added some of the most notable shapers of the world:

Bob McTavish Gerry Lopez Drew Anderson Greg Webber Phil Byrne
Bing Copeland Matt Biolos Donald Takayama Wayne Lynch Eric Arakawa
Bill Stewart Mark Neville Dick Van Straalen Tom Wegener Greg Bennett
Al Merrick Hobart Alter Bob Pearson Robert August Maurice Cole
Bert Burger Jason Stephenson Chris Jones Rusty Preisendorfer Murray Bourton
Allan Byrne Iñigo Letamendia Bruce Jones Robert Weiner Nick Uricchio
Bill Riedel Jeff Bushman Dick Brewer Simon Anderson


Live is a Beach, Hang loose and check out next edition “SURFING 101 Part 3” when we will deal with the components of a Surfboard


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