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Surf Contest at Surfspot Gran Canaria El Confital

Like every sport surfing has a big community for competition. In Gran Canaria also surf contests take place at the biggest surfspot Gran Canaria, EL Confital. There you can watch and be fascinated of the waves the Pros surf or as a advanced surfer you may surf those waves yourself.

On the 25th of march at 9 o’clock the starting wistle was blown for the big RedBull Rivals Surf Contest. It is one of many Surfcontests happening around the Surfbeach Las Palmas El Confital.

There are many things you can experience at the surfcamp Las Palmas for sure. A great program to discover the Island, the culture and the surfspots Gran Canaria, like the Tapas Tour, Music Night or surf trips Gran Canaria. More to those kind of programmed experiences you will find here.
Nevertheless there are many other different and exciting events you should not miss when they happen at your time at the surfcamp Las Palmas.

The RedBull Rivals Surf Contest was one of those exciting events. The best surfers of the Canary Islands represented by the teams captain Jonthan Gonzalez competed against the team of the Iberian Peninsula.
There were four catogories, in each competed to surfers. The categories were “Junior”,”Girl”,”Free Surfer”,”Pro Surfer”. In this categories the captain of Team Peninsula had to chose three surfers for each category as well as the Canary Islands team captain. On 16th of march there was a qualification contest for each category in which the community voted for their favorite surfers online.

nullSo two teams each consisting of five surfers were firmed. Among those surfers the canarian surfer Antonio Marques competed as a “free Surfer” against Indar Unanue.
Many people watched the competing surfers at this great surf contest sitting on stones and benches ahead the Surfspot Gran Canaria, El Confital. A host attended the contest speaking through his microphone and was announcing the time and points of each surfer. His voice was accompanied by loud electronic music with a moving beat.

The surfers were driven from the surfbeach Las Palmas to the open water with Jet Skis. Behind the waves the two competing surfers waited for the sound of the signal whistle to start paddling, to take a great wave of the El Confital Surfspot Gran Canaria and ride on it to get the most point for the team.
nullThereby the surfer takes a wave and depending on his movement, tricks and stability on his surfboard, the jury allocated points. If you want to know more about the procedure of a surf contest and the allocation of points, you should read this article about surf contests.

At the end of the RedBull Rival Contest the points for the peninsula team and the team of the Canary Islands had to be evaluated so the winner of this round of the surf contest can be announced. It appeared that this round goes to the peninsula team with one point in advance. But a rematch of the RedBull Rival surf contest is already planned to decree which team the one of the Canary Island or the Peninsula team is the best. The next surf contest will take place on the Iberian Peninsula. More information to the surf contest you’ll find at the official website of the RedBull Rivals surf contest.

The surf contest at surfspot Gran Canaria El Confital was an exciting competition and also a great experience to see these surfers riding the powerfull waves of El Confital. You can amazed by the skills a surfer can get again and again when you see an event like this. If the ranking of points actually says something about the quality of the two teams surfers may be left undecided. Nevertheless it is exciting to root for a surfer if he can bid over the score of the competed surfer.
Events like this make it just more worth joining the Surfcamp Las Palmas and have a great time surfing Gran Canaria to be more rich on experiences in every way.

If you want to see more expressions of the contest, watch this: