Surf art at Surfcamp Gran Canaria

We support surf art, 50% discount for artists at the surfcamp Gran Canaria

We don’t want to you the impression of being impolite … but we don’t agree neither with the commercial exploitation of the surf image, nor to the thong wearing girl as an advertising object. You don’t have to have long hair, neither do you have to wear cool sun glasses or hawaiians shirts. We don’t belive in slogans like “Surfing is a Lifestyle”.

We are sorry if we disappoint you… But we want to remain true to ourselves

Are you an artist? Than we would like to support you! Our surf art project offers you an 50% discount off of the original price for booking the surfcamp Gran Canaria

How?  It’s very easy:

  1. Contact us and show us your art, send us a link to your Blog, Flickr page etc. to convince us of your art and about you as an artist
  2. Come to our surfcamp Gran Canaria and create whatever kind of art you like. Certainly it should have some connection to surfing. This is our idea to support artists. It is not important if you are from Berlin, Singapur or Vallecas. Art is known in the whole world.
  3. what do you have to do? A memory or something that inspired you during the stay at the surfcamp Gran Canaria. A wood painting, a picture, a carton, a series of Photographies, a sculpture or even some self composed sounds.

Here you can see some works done in our surfcamp Gran Canaria:


What are you waiting for buddy? We are more than a Surfcamp! Book now