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Your first surf lesson at the surfcamp Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

You think about taking surf lessons but you are unsure about what to expect on it or if you really need them for your goal to learn to surf europe? If you want to know, what you can anticipate for your first surf lesson and you don’t want to make any not well thought decisions for your canary islands surfing holidays, then you should read this article. Here we want to present you a foretaste of what awaits for you in the first surf lesson and how you can prepare for a surf lesson in the surfcamp Las Palmas.

The salty water splashes on your sun heated face, so that it begins to burn even stronger. Your smooth loose-fitting bathers under your wet-suit fits so tightly, so that it rubs your legs skin sore. You have to groan with pain but you couldn’t do it because of your short breath and you wish to leave the beach right at this time through the physical torture.
In order that this worst-case scenario will not be the first experience of your surf lesson at surfcamp Las Palmas and you won’t commit every blunder that can block your way to a amazing first surf lesson, we from the surfcamp Las Palmas explain in this edition of the “Big Surfing 101” what to think of when you are about to start your first surf lesson from the very beginning, right after the booking at the surfcamp Las Palmas till the end of the surf lesson.

We are sure, your first surf lesson will be an interesting experience since it is the access into the world of surfing Gran Canaria and some of these beginners can’t ever tear themselves away from this great sport. Not important if you can stand up of your board when you are on a wave right away or you have to acquaint yourself with your surfboard first, most important decision will be made here in any case: Do you love the surf sport or do you hate it.

But although you already know you are addicted to surfing because you surfed before, there are several reasons why you also should think about taking surf lessons in the surfcamp Las Palmas. Whether it is a long time ago since you surfed the last time, you have made just a few experiences or you only want to check what mistakes you do or which appear while you surf, it is always a great opportunity for you to take surf lessons. In that way you can help yourself become a better surfer and also have awesome time with other surfers.

But you should know your skill level before you decide which surf classes at surfcamp Las Palmas are the right ones for you. To know if you are a beginner or you already can call yourself an intermediate surfer or one with higher skills you should read our article about that null.

Before the surf lesson

Is your decision about taking your first surf lesson made, you can prepare for it due to the anticipation and also to save yourself from trouble and inconvenience while your surf lesson.

If you are scared to come into contact with water you should try to get rid of that fear because there isn’t much apart from the water you will be working with accept your surfboard. Therefore you should better be happy about drinking a jar of salty water from the Atlantic surf ocean every morning. Then you are prepared in relation to the water pretty well.

Also we recommend you to build up your stamina and muscles, especially your shoulder and back muscles. Thats because surfing is 80% about paddling and therefore a good stamina and also some muscles are important. More about how to stay fit and to dry surf practice when there is no ocean nearby you will find in this article.

Now whereas you can prepare yourself perfectly it is time for your first surf lesson at the surfcamp Las Palmas. You wake up maybe in the morning to make yourself ready for the surf lesson. Don’t worry about tiredness or anything like that this will be gone once you put on your wett-suit. You better should pack your surf bag. Even though it’s your very first surf lesson you should take some important things with you to the surf school Gran Canaria. Otherwise your first experience could develop to a bad horror trip.

Suncream probably is the most important thing you should take with you so your skin doesn’t get burn in the Gran Canaria holiday sun just before you recognize it.

To have a towel in your bag is good to have it after the lesson to dry yourself as well as some cloths to change after getting out of your wet-suit.

Then put your holiday cloths on, better with Flip Flop Shoes on your feet so you don’t bring the Canteras Beach to your home.

You can wear your bathing drawers or bikini already under your cloth so you don’t have to change it but wear tight bathing drawers because the wet suit is like a second skin that is very tight fitting on your skin and so the bathing drawers as well. Loose-fitting bathers with a net inside of the bathers can rub your skin sore and that can be pretty unpleasant while surfing and afterwards too.

Don’t forget to take something to drink like water with you, even though you ironically swim in a ocean of water while your whole lesson.

Is your surf bag packed there is just a last use of the toilette before you jam yourself into your wet suit.

The Surflesson – Preperation

When you carry your wet suit in your hands it is time to begin the surfers ordinary fight with his wet suit. Here you should make sure that the mostly black color of the wet suit is outside even though the other side of the suit sometimes looks more colorful and prettier because the water repelency wouldn’t work that well the other way around. More to the functionality of wet suits you can find here. The side with the zipper is mostly the backside just like a exquisite dress but the wet suit is even more body-fitting.
If you have some trouble with the suit, no worries, the surf teachers will help you and take care of you to make sure you are ready to get your surfboard.

This is a nice video to show you how to put on different kinds of wet suits:

And another little tipp that will simplify your life with a wet suit is shown here:


With your surfboard under your arm your wet suit will look even better. Now you carry your board and walk across the promenade to the beach and then jump with your surfboard right into the wat…

The Surflesson – Warm-up phase

Not so fast! You are so full of anticipation now you could explode but there is one last important step that you have to think of at any surf session. The warm-up phase is very important because of pulled muscles you can get of accidents that could happen while surfing Gran Canaria like doing the split with one leg on the surfboard and the other in the water. Also you have the everyday opportunity to get used to the tight sitting wet suit you are wearing. Although the warm-up practices could look a bit weird don’t try to act cool and just skip the warm-ups. Because after a ligament rapture you not only will be disabused but also would bring your surfing holidays Canary Islands at the surfcamp Las Palmas to a quick end. Another plus for the warm-up are the partner exercises were you can get to know the other surf students a little bit better and mutually motivating each other.

Here you’ll see some warm-up practices that you also can try at home for preperation:

Another part of the warm-up exercises are the dry practices where you can learn how stand up from your surf board the right way even though the waves will be another trouble to do the stand-up later on. This kind of practice may get you loose of the tension you are feeling at the beginning when you not know what will await you in the water. When the dry practice begins don’t worry about other surfers getting into the water right away. After some lessons you will know how to do the Stand up and you will one of these other surfers for sure. You can read more about warm-up exercises and dry practice here.

Here is also a nice video so you can try the stand-up (also at home without a board):


Now the time has come, just attach the safety badge on your back stand-up foot that you will learn about in the dry practice so your surfboard won’t fly away when you loose control of your board while surfing in Gran Canaria.

Listen to the surf teacher carefully while he explains to you the traffic rules of surfing. Please remember, mutual respect and taking care of each other is very important in the surf sport. Not only in a social point of view but also to diminish the danger of causing an accident to a minimum. To get to know more about the traffic rules of surfing click here.

If you want to have a summary of the most important surfer rules, you should have a look on this video:

Surflesson – surfing

The moment of the truth, you walk through the water and you feel it cold, coming up your wet suit as you go into the Atlantic surf ocean. The tension increases again but keep calm and remember that you are not alone out there. There is always the society of the other surfer students. Now this is particularly great to have people around that you can connect with because of the suspense everybody is feeling. These people are like your fellow campaigners when you start walking through the cold water of the Atlantic surf ocean and see the waves of a surf spot Gran Canaria like La Cicer surge ahead of you. Let the good waves roll.

No worries if you want to come alone, there are always other surf students taking lessons in the Las Palmas surf school. If you want to take surf lessons private or with your private group to learn how to surf in Gran Canaria you can book private surf lessons as well. Click null to get to the booking site to choose your favorite kind of lesson.

When you are surfing in a group you can help among yourselves like someone always says when a good wave to surf is coming.

But despite of the society of the other surf students when you want to take a wave you are on your own. Only the surf teachers will take care of you in any situation as good as possible to bring you to the right way of surfing Gran Canaria successfully. They will call out to you to help you, point you in the right direction and motivate you. The surf teachers of the surfcamp Las Palmas will make sure that you learn to surf with a good technique. When it is getting especially hard for you because you are having trouble with the stand-up at the very beginning the surf teacher will help you with starting you off so you can catch a good wave. This is the moment were most of the beginners do the stand-up and then fall right back into the water. But now that you know you can do it and your on fire for catching your next wave. The surf teachers of the surfcamp Las Palmas are plain to the surf students and their main objective is to help you to learn surfing the most fun and efficient way. Therefore it can happen that you have to accept some critic on yourself like having a horrible balance.

But with this criticism in mind you can negotiate all your problems in surfing with some practice. At the latest you perform the Stand-Up even with a little help your motivation will be much stronger so you will do the Stand-Up with no problems sooner or later and ride the waves of surf beach Gran Canaria. Even if it takes some time remember that your main goal should be having fun while surfing Las Palmas.

Surf lesson – Riding a wave

The bigger your self-assurance get the more you’ll want to get far more into the ocean. But as long you can’t stand on your surfboard safely and you don’t have much experience, you should stay in the shallow, hip height water near the Atlantic beach. The deeper the water the harder it will get to move around in it. So it will take strength that you especially need for the paddling to get speed for waves you want to ride on.

Also there are natural influences like weather conditions, the current and wild, non-continuous waves that aggravate your life as a surfer. To read more about the natural conditions while surfing click here.

With this influences it can be hard even in shallow water to stand up of your surfboard. However, it is more energy efficient to try a stand-up in shallow water and to succeed a stand-up is the first thing you should think of unless you want to just lay on a surfboard and devoured by every surf-able wave. The surf beach Las Palmas is perfect for beginners who want to learn the stand-up because of the long distant shallow water.

Surf lesson – Mistakes and technique

Through the shallow water of the surf beach Las Palmas you should learn how to get used being smashed by waves so you sometimes feel like in a washing machine when a wave devotes you. Through this influences you can conquer a wave with discipline. To reach that goal you have to keep in mind the dry practice and applicate them now in the water. This is a good possibility to skip the most common beginner mistakes. More about those you’ll find here.

Nevertheless you will develop your own technique you feel best with while surfing Gran Canaria. We also recommend to change the front feet you do the stand up with to know with which one you have a better feeling. Sometimes its surprisingly easy to do the stand up in reverse position. Without trying you won’t know if its better working for you. With the dry practice in mind and eagerness to experiment you will have much fun surfing and will make more and more experience.

Surf lesson – discipline, patience and calm

Apart from discipline and patience it is particularly important as a beginner to keep calm. Calm comes with experience but to be to uneasy with your mind you will fall off of your surfboard before you even begin to paddle or a wave comes near you. Then it’s time to rest a little in the more shallow water, take a deep breathe and to acquaint yourself with your surfboard. Laying on your board calm in the shallow water also helps or speaking to your surf teacher. Then you’re ready to get back in the deeper water with new calm and advice. So you can familiarize with the surf sport and sooner or later ride great waves.

To ride a wave is a amazing feeling that can’t be described with words you have to experience and feel it for yourself.

When your surf teacher shouts “La Ultima” you know it will be the last wave for this surf lesson to ride. If you liked your surf lesson as much as most of the guests of the surfcamp las palmas, we declare our biggest objective as accomplished.

It can happen you totally forget the world around you and a first empty beach is full of people when you return. Then there is just you and the waves. Well, and the other students and your surf teacher who whispers an advise for you carried by the wind that will help you on your surf odyssey.

Back in reality there is the second part of the surfers fight with his wet suit. Like a butterfly feels after he freed himself from it’s cocoon you may feel after your first surf lesson when you got out of your wet suit. Free, great, relaxed and unbelievably hungry and thirsty.

Perhaps you can see other surfers riding much bigger perfect waves on the horizon when you look back to the ocean after the finished stretching exercises and you imagine that one day you will ride waves like that, then we from surfcamp las palmas recommend you to ride waves again maybe on the next day at your second surf lesson at the surfcamp las palmas to take another step to become a great surfer.


As the peak here is another motivation for you. Some surfers at the Las Palmas Gran Canaria Surf Spot El Confital: