Surf and Yoga at Surf Camp Las Palmas

1st Surf camp in Las Palmas: Surf and Yoga pack!

What benefits do i get combining Surf and Yoga?

It will help you to combine the daily surf routine with relaxation techniques, stretching and balance. You will improve your surf, self esteem and your wellness.


At our small Yoga studio with reduced capacity for 6 people maximum (so we guarantee fully attention), and depending on the day, if our teachers considers it properly, we practice in outdoors locations to enjoy the nature and, on the afternoon lessons, to say good bye to the day with the sunset.

Do i need to have some previous experience in Yoga? Be flexible?

It’s one of the most frequent asked questions when booking a surf and yoga pack. The answer it’s clear and simple: the only thing that you really need to practice Yoga it’s to be able to breath.

No matter what is your previous experience, our your physical condition, or if you are flexible or not… Our yoga teacher (yoga retreat spain) will guide you, help you with the adjustments,  no matter what your level is, helping you and making you feel good all the time. It doesn’t matter if you are very “stiff” like you always say…
One lesson that you will learn from Yoga it’s that competition makes not sense as every person it’s different. Focus on yourself, your mind, your body and your breath to win the best of all races: your own wellness.

What is the price? How can i contract it?

Each lesson has an extra cost of 10€. You can book it in advanced with your Pack Surf & Yoga or book it on demand on arrival.