Activities at surfcamp Gran Canaria, more than surf

Surf holidays Canary Islands: at the tapas tour each Thursday evening at the old town, we mix with the canary locals in the district of Vegueta.

If you are a fan of the Spanish culture, you should not miss the latest tradition of Las Palmas: The tapas tour in the old town Vegueta. Each Thursday evening around 20 bars and restaurants offer a Tapa + drink for only 2€.

The tapas night creates a festive mood in the inner city; there are people talking, laughing and eating, mostly standing on the streets or in bars with a cold beer or a good wine in their hands. It is the right moment to relax and to enjoy Las Palmas and its nice people. In the old town Vegueta, which consists mainly of a pedestrian zone, the locals mix with students and travelers who visit the city.

Do not miss this experience! There is an exuberant mood particularly after 9 pm and if you like to stay longer than 1am you can continue partying at one of the discotheques nearby. (But don’t forget that you have surf lessons the next day!)

The best way to spend the evening is to mix up with the locals, get to know the culture and just have an incredible evening.

*Please note down that this is a regular free activity that the city of Las Palmas organizes. We are not the organization and changes can happen depending on their standards. Tapas and drinks are never included in our packs.