Surfcamp Gran Canaria shows you the life in surf city Las Palmas: it’s more than surf

Art, music and culture are some reasons to decide for the surfcamp Gran Canaria. The music scene has much to offer. Each Saturday from 5 pm till midnight local rock bands play at the surf beach La Cicer.

If you like live music Las Palmas is the right city for you. The concert tour Playa viva takes place each Saturday night and begins normally at the surf house Gran Canaria right next to the beach promenade Las Canteras. In the Rockbar La Guarida, the music mixes with the sound of the sea and the background noises of Las Palmas. Local rock-, jazz-, blues and reggae bands; A little bit of everything and always varying.

The tour begins at the bar La Guarida at about 5/6 pm, most of the time they play blues , but sometimes also local rock bands play at the bar. After about an hour playtime the tour continues in east direction at the beach promenade Las Canteras. At the square Churruca, you can listen to reggae or Spanish music beside a little kiosk. Around 8 pm it begins moving to the NY TAXI. The bar is our gathering place and is located next to our surf school Gran Canaria in front of the waves of La Cicer. At the NY TAXI local bands cover songs originally made by rock bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine a.s.o. Later we go some streets away from the beach promenade and we are getting nearer to the Palza del Pilar, where the Tiramisú plays finest Funk. As a traditional meeting point the bar offers life music only every second weekend because locals complained regarding the volume of the music. At the end we return to the beach promenade and go, like everybody, to the bar Mumbai Sunset. You can enjoy the last concert of the tour Playa Viva with the view to the Auditorio .

For those who like to continue partying: Go behind the Auditorio Alfredo Kraus. At the Plaza de la Música there are two clubs where the party continues. The Mojo and the Nasdaq are the right places to dance the night away… but don’t forget that you have to ride waves the day after.