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Stand up paddle (SUP) Surf course in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.SUP Beginner courses and Gran Canaria surf trips to improve your skills

SUP Gran Canaria Las Palmas

The City Las Palmas offers the best waves and weather conditions to learn
Stand Up Paddle / SUP Gran Caanaria. A long wave which breaks right next to the Auditorios Alfredo Krauss at the beach of La Cicer, which is known as Los Muellitos, is perfect for SUP. But also at the beach Las Canteras, near to our null, there are a lot of waves for SUP. Those are not so competed as  other surfspots Gran Canaria. Because of the characteristics of the waves local surfer don’t take them into consideration usal waveriding. But they are perfect for Stand Up Paddling.

Besides a conservation area is part of the beach of Las Canteras placed in the ocean called La Barra. There is a natural reef which forms a natural swimming pool during low tide and has so a great  an easy access  for Stand Up Paddlers. That way you can enjoy your day above the flat ocean.

Beginner course SUP WAVES

You are already used to to paddle at lake? Or at the Mediterranean? You have tried to catch a wave, but didn’t really worked out for you so far? We are going to show you everything; the right paddling technique, how to catch a wave, how to position yourself on the board and all that without getting yourself or any other surfer in danger. Private Surf lessons are for all who want to bring their SUP skills to the next level.

PADDLE SURF at the Surfcamp Las Palmas: Gran Canaria Surf Trips

For intermediate surfers we offer surf trips to different waves of the island. To the waves which fit perfect especially for SUP. Waves for all levels; the best way to learn more about the Island and to enjoy your vacation. Always at optimal tides, at the best and right places.

We from the Surfcamp Las Palmas offer SUP courses in Las Palmas, check out our different packages and book a surf course + accommodation

*We don’t offer the material, although SUP – course with material included.