Surfcamp Gran Canaria loves surf art: We want to motivate you to create something, shoot your own Lomo surf photos!

You don’t know how to use a retro, analogue camera? Don’t worry, we will show it to you! Everything you need is a film, we take care about the development and scan your surf photos. We want to inspire you and want to be inspired by you at the same time.

The developers of this creative project are professional surf photographers and some of their surf teachers, who combine the work in the water with graphic design and audiovisual production. A unique project, trend setting in the world of surfcamp Gran Canaria. We understand surfing as a form of self expression in the water. Like surfing, surf photography is also a way to express yourself. We offer you the possibility to shoot your own photos during the stay at our surfcamp Gran Canaria and we will provide you all the material, so you can enjoy it. You will work only with analogue cameras and we will show you the basics, so you can use the camera while during the whole stay. The goal? To create a special atmosphere; capture landscapes, laughter and experiences in the surfcamp Gran Canaria. After your stay we will take care about the development and scan your photos, so you won’t have any extra costs. We will upload your surf photos on Facebook, so you can share it with your friends.