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Please contact us to the email info @ or call us at +34 654 901 298 and we will bring you personally the complaint formular.
Jegliche Buchungsanfragen, Fragen und Bedenken werden durch die Reiseagentur “Siete Alisios SL” (Lizenznummer  I-AV-0003576.1 entgegengenommen und beantwortet. Alle auf dieser Webseite befindlichen Angebote werden durch diese Reiseagentur abgewickelt.
In den Monaten von Oktober bis Februar sind wir normalerweise immer ausgebucht. Um dem schlechten Wetter im restlichen Europa zu dieser Zeit zu entfliehen, empfehlen wir dir einige Zeit zuvor zu buchen. Dennoch sind wir jederzeit bemüht unsere Gäste zufrieden zu stellen, auch wenn gerade keine freien Betten im Surf House verfügbar sind. Wir werden immer eine Lösung finden!
Normalerweise versuchen wir so flexibel wie möglich zu sein. Wenn noch freie Plätze vorhanden sind, sollte es kein Problem geben die Reisedaten zu Ändern. Dennoch kann es, abhängig von anderen Buchungsanfragen und der Jahreszeit, nicht immer möglich sein.


The Surf Camp Las Palmas dedicates its highest possible attention to every single guest. We are more than your host or tour operator – we want to be your friend! We will do the best to organize and show you the beauty of Las Palmas and Gran Canaria. 
Not just the Surf Camp itself is small, but also the groups of Surf Lessons. Our professional Surf Instructors know how to teach beginners to stand up on their boards in no time or to improve the technique of advanced surfers. Thus, our Surf Camp Las Palmas is suitable for surfers on all levels.
For those who´d rather go on Surf Trips around the island, we offer the option of booking a package with accommodations and Surf Trips instead of Surf Lessons. This would be a perfect choice for those already fit on the board to discover the different surf spots Gran Canaria has to offer.
You want to know what happens in the Surf Camp, see photos, videos and current activities? Follow us on Facebook “FEEL Surf Camp Las Palmas“ or at our recent blog on this website.
We see ourselves as being a Surf Camp for (young) adults and those young at heart. We don´t have a strict rule and as always, try to be as flexible as possible. Anyhow, we would recommend our Surf Camp for people 24-36 years old. We also welcome families to stay with us. The beach of Las Canteras has a lot to offer for families like playgrounds in front of the beach, Coffees, Bars and Restaurants. Gran Canaria also has wonderful city parks and children events. Everything is in a perfect location so that everybody can enjoy the surfing holiday. See also question Do you have accommodation for families and groups? and What can we do besides surfing?
Because of our open-minded attitude and our wide range of offers, we´re happy to welcome (young) adults from their mid-twenties up to adults in their mid thirties. The only thing that is required is to be young at heart
Besides having fun in the waves and water, there are many more things we can do during your stay. You can join Island trips where we visit local places, waterfalls, see a winery where we taste fruits and coffee, volcanic water and of course the wonderful wine from the Canarian Finca. We will plunge in natural pools and plant a tree in our beloved project Surfers’ Forest. After an exciting and eventful trip, we will let the day end with a beautiful sunset on top of the mountains. Besides that, you can join for free city events like a weekly Tapas tour, a visit to the old town, go to concerts and take walks on the best beaches of Las Palmas. For more see question: What can we do besides surfing?
You can join us any day of the week or weekend. There is no fixed arrival or departure dates. You can start your beginner surf course whenever you like as we work from Monday-Sunday. So just book your flight and we will settle everything else for you.
The same as with the age, we´re happy to welcome people from all over the world. However, the majority of people come from Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Denmark and from the mainland Catalonia and Spain. This wide mix of different countries, cultures and languages will make your holiday an intercultural experience with the possibility to make friends from all over the world.
None of your friends have time to join you on your Surf holiday? No worries. In Surf Camp Las Palmas you will never be alone (unless you like it ). In fact, we get a lot of unaccompanied Surfers staying with us, our stadistics show 50% of our guests are single travelers.
Flexibility and individual design of your holiday is one of our major strengths. We don’t sell fixed, prefabricated package tours. No matter how you imagine your holidays to be, we will find a suitable solution for you.
Of course, you can. You can take group lessons (max 6 people) or private lessons of maximum two persons. For further information, send us an email.
In fact, this happens many times. Just contact us and we will talk about your individual deal.
This also happens quite often If we have free space, there is no reason to send you home earlier than you want.


At the moment we´re offering three different types of accommodation, most of them located on the first line of the beach. The first, and most social option you can choose, is the 5 bed Surf house. Here you will stay with other like-minded friends in a well designed apartment with bathroom, living room and kitchen. The apartment has two bedrooms, one with a big double bed and the other with three individual beds. This place is regarded as our Base, because all Surfboards and Wetsuits as well as other fun material are stored here. It is a place to hang out, listen to music, cook together or watch a surf movie. Here you are in the center of the action
The second option would be the Studio with less feeling of a surfer commune but more privacy. These are apartments with two beds or one single big king size, small kitchen and bathroom.
The third sleeping option would be the Ocean Apartments with the same top location as the other two options, but equipped with Kitchen, Bathroom and balcony or terrace or ocean views just for your private use.
There is no doubt about that. No worries- who books together, stays together (unless otherwise requested )
I think you wanted to know how CLOSE we are . In fact, you can´t stay any closer to the ocean than this. Only the pedestrian promenade lies between you and the sand. And honestly, we´re just talking about 3 meters!!!
Las Palmas has 39 different peaks to be surfed. Just at Las Canteras Beach you will find more than 18 surf spots for all levels from a sandy beach break to reef and rocky point breaks. All of them are a maximum 15 min walking distance from our Surf House.
Yes you can! Palm covered north end of Las Canteras beach is just waiting for you See also question: What can we do besides surfing?
We will provide you with sheets, blankets and weekly change of towels in all accommodations. Anyhow, there are no beach towels so we recommend that you bring a towel for the beach.
We don’t offer any meals. All our Apartments are self-catering places with the possibility of preparing your own food. Close by, just 10meters walking distance from the door, you will also find a very popular bakery, a supermarket and lots of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy local food for cheap prices. See also the next question.
Of course you can. All our places have a fully equipped kitchen just waiting for your next gourmet dinner. In the Surf House, you will find a toaster, a coffee machine, a water boiler, a smoothie machine, a microwave and much more.
We have a TV with international channels as well as a DVD player and an extensive selection of movies in the Surf house. The other apartments have TV available but if you want, you can join the others watching movies at the Surf House.
We´re happy to offer you high-speed internet at the Surf House without charge. Some apartments receive the signal, some others not. If you are looking for a good working place with good internet connection, you are now able to book a desk at our office Co-Working, just 10min walking distance along the beach promenade. There you will get the fastest internet connection on the island for just a little bit more money. .
Besides different kinds of surfboards and wetsuits, you will find bodyboards, a skateboard, a longboard, volleyballs, basketballs, football and snorkeling equipment. Beyond that, we have different books about the sport of surf as well as movies to get into it theoretically. For a detail description of what you will find in the apartment, see also the question: What choice of accommodation do I have?
The cleaning is free of charge and will be done twice a week in the Surf House. Likewise, sheets and towels will be changed. For further neatness, there is cleaning equipment available in the apartment.
Groups and families are cordially welcomed. Check out our special deals. See also the question: Is there a minimum age ?


The Surf City of Las Palmas offers 39 different surfing spots, many of them situated close to our apartment. The beach of Las Canteras (directly out of your window) offers many different kind of breaks: white water surfing for beginners, mellow and long waves for longboard surfing and stand up paddle, short waves and tubes for bodyboarding, beach breaks for advanced surfers and reef breaks for experienced surfers. The most famous are the Beach break of “La Cicer” perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers, the Reef break “La Barra” good for learning on speed reef barrels, and the Point break “Los muellitos” good for intermediate levels and longboarding. “El Lloret” and of course “El Confital” are the top quality waves that you can surf at Las Palmas, perfect for advanced surfers looking for deep barrels or long powerful waves.
You can reach all of them in about a 15min.walk from your apartment. Just walk along the beach promenade and you are there.
Surf Lessons are for beginners as well as for advanced surfers and are held at “La Cicer” beach, a 5 minute walking distance from our accommodation. (see question above)
Surf Trips are for intermediate or advanced level surfers and can be free surf sessions with a guide or standard surf lessons given on other spots of the island. Normally surf trips are not given in Las Palmas. Depending on the swell and wind conditions, we choose the best option to surf according to your level.
Yes, definitely. Two persons are the maximum number of students and classes will include your materials. Check out the price list on the section Surf Lessons Packs.
Definitely! Our surf instructors are the best when it comes to teaching beginners, even those who are afraid of water. With them, you´ll learn to love the sea and waves and you´ll have your first sense of achievement.
Because we have groups of a maximum of six persons, guided by 1-2 teachers, we are really taking close care of all of our students, correcting personally in and out of the water every movement that needs to be improved.
If you´re into shopping, you will love Las Palmas! Especially in the area of the surf spots (5-10min.from your bed ) you will find many different surf shops. Whether you break your lease, want to buy a cheap wetsuit or need a quick board repair, you will have plenty of options in the Surf-City of Las Palmas. Ask our staff and they will mark it on the surf map that we will give you on the arrival.
If you already have some experience and prefer to surf on your own board, you are welcome to do that. However, if you change your mind and prefer to use a surfboard of the apartment or the Surf school, that´s fine, too.
In our Surf House, we offer plenty of different wetsuits for your free time surfing. You will have the choice of many sizes, cuts and thicknesses. If you want to bring your own wetsuit from home, we would recommend for surfing Dec-March Long/ 2.2. The rest of the year, you should be fine with a short one or with even just a lycra. Click here for more information. See also question: What’s the water temperature like?
All year round. We are located on a magic place of the Atlantic. On Gran Canaria, it is basically spring all year long and there´s always a perfect wave breaking somewhere nearby. Good winds can be found thanks to our conditions of being an island. If you want to learn more about our wave and weather conditions, click here. See also question: What’s the weather normally like?
Surfing is an awesome but also exhausting sport. If you want to succeed quickly, you could start doing some workouts at home by doing some sit-ups and press-ups. The most important thing in surfing is probably the part of paddling. Some arm training in advance will give you much more power and consistency. For theoretical preparation, we recommend to you our thematic Blog, dealing with all knowledge about surfing. In the Surf House, you will also find different surf-books and DVDs.
No matter in which apartment you´re staying, you always have the opportunity to use the boards from the Surf House. While you get a board and a wetsuit in the school, you might want to go for a second run in the afternoon. Feel free and stay salty .
Most of the material is for beginners (Softboards) but we also have some Minimalibus (Epoxy) around 7 foot, some shortboard 5’10”, 6’2”, 6’4” and 6’11.
If you book a surf package, this will be already included in your price. If you want to rent boards just for some days, you can ask our staff about it.
See also question: What else can I find in the apartment? and question: Do I need to bring my own surfboard for a surf trip?


Intermediate level is the minimum level required. An intermediate level means you are able to paddle well and for long distances, sit down on the board (being in the water), make duck dives to reach the peak, pull out of a wave when is closing out and other similar basic intermediate skills.
If you already have had a few weeks of surfing the years before, you´re probably still a surf beginner. There is nothing bad in that and we know that nobody likes the label “beginner”, but it is better for you to be honest with yourself and don’t put yourself in dangerous situations where you don’t want to find yourself.
This is one reason why we will have a level test the first day of surfing on the beach.
If you would like to do a guided surf trip on Gran Canaria, we are happy to take you to the best surf spots. There are waves for all levels: beach breaks, reef breaks, point breaks, tubes, mellow waves and long waves. You will find any kind of wave that you are looking for. Our expert team knows the whole coast and will guide you to the best wave at the best tide moment for you to get the maximum enjoyment from your trip.
Normally neoprene shoes (booties) are not necessary, especially not if you take lessons for beginners or intermediate at the beach. On guided surf trips, we might go to a rocky place. If you´re not used to this and feel safer with shoes, you can bring them. It is your decision but none of the local people use them
If you want to bring your own board, we´re fine with that but at our Surf house you will find some options for intermediate-advanced levels. Most of the material is for beginners (softboards) but we also have some Minimalibus Epoxy around 7 foot, some shortboards 5’10”, 6’2”, 6’4” and 6’11. See also question: Can I bring my own Surf Board? and question: Do you provide Surfboards for free surf after class?
Sure you can, see question above.


The Surf lessons will take place at the beach of Las Canteras. The Surfspot “La Cicer” has perfect conditions for beginners and for those already surfing green waves. You will reach our partner school Brisa School in a 12 minute walk along the promenade or the sandy beach from the Surf House
The normal week package includes 5 days of surf lessons for 2hours per day. Upon request, you can also book extra days or even do sessions twice a day. All is possible with us and we want you to surf as much as you want. Just ask us.
Every surf lesson takes 2 hours, including warm-ups before entering and stretching once you´re out.
If it is your first time ever on a surfboard, there will be a lot for you to learn on the first day:
• Basic knowledge about the board and the waves
• How to position yourself properly on the board
• How to paddle in the most effective way
• How to control your board
• How to protect yourself in a breaking wave
• How and when to stand up
• Safety rules and tips to be safe on the water.
There is a maximum of six students per one surf instructor. On average, there are 5 students in the course attended by two instructors. One on the beach and one entering in the water to join you back in the lineup.
Normally you don’t need to take anything because you will get a wetsuit and the board in the school (no carrying ). However, it is wise to take some water and a towel. We provide a safe storage place for everything (camera, money) to leave in the school while you´re in the water.
All our staff can speak English and of course, Spanish On request you can enjoy a few friendly German words 😉
After class, you have to return the equipment to the school. For free surfing in the afternoon however, you can use the material from the Surf House. See also question Do you provide Surfboards for free surf after class?
This is very unlikely to happen on Gran Canaria. However, should the waves in Las Palmas be not good, we will have some alternatives to be offered. However, money will not be refunded in any case if the lesson is canceled due to a major reason out of our control.
We usually have no cancelations and we have good conditions for the surf lessons in our local beach of La Cicer. In the eventual case that the conditions are not good and we need to cancel the lessons, we don’t drive to other spots to find different wave conditions. In any case at any circumstances we will never give the lesson in another spot different than La Cicer beach.


We´re happy to have a very nice and consistent climate all year round. Rain and clouds are pretty unusual and sun will be a constant companion. In summer, it can get hotter but never too HOT. This is because summer time is the time of the Trade winds, which keeps the city fresh and not too hot. The hottest temperatures in summer time are on the south part of the island, 40 Km away from Las Palmas (desert climate). Gran Canaria is not without reason known to have one of the world’s best climate. Click here for more detailed information about our annual temperature.
The water of Gran Canaria will never be too COLD. On average it’s about 19°C (66°F)- 23°C (69°F), reaching its warmest August through September. Even though during the summer months the weather is not really hot. Summer time is more like a warm spring at Las Palmas!
Don’t worry! At the beach of Las Canteras there are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants of all kinds. And don’t expect them to be the typical ugly ones for tourists. You can start your day with a wonderfully cheap breakfast at the famous bakery “La Granier”, just next door to your apartment. For lunch and dinner, you have a wide choice of fresh fish restaurants and typical Spanish cuisine at very moderate prices. You can also find different international restaurants on the Promenade, enjoying a spectacular view of the sea. Ask our staff or read our guide for more precise information, all deals and our recommendations. You will get our printed guide upon arrival.
Our apartments are located directly on the Beach of Las Canteras, a wonderful 3km stretch of sand offering a variety of activities that take place outside. The pleasant mild climate allows you to be active and you will see many joggers, friends playing football, beach tennis, volleyball, kids building sand castles, and tourists sunbathing. There are also many events that take place throughout the year. Among those are sport competitions, dive trips, open air events, and concerts organized by the Playa Viva every Saturday from 21 o´clock on.
However, Las Palmas has much more to offer then beaches. You can walk around the great old part of the Town “Vegueta”, visit impressive museums, the San Cristobal sea side neighborhood village, take a walk through the urban green parks the city has to offer or go for a shopping tour though the main street of “Mesa y Lopez” or “Calle Triana”. Join our Island tour or rent a car on your own to discover the rest of the wonderful island. See also question: What kind of activities do you provide? and question: Can we rent a car nearby?
Upon your arrival, you will get our detailed guide with everything you need to know about the city.
Yes you can, there are some places where to book it, you will find the information on the guide that we will give you once you have booked. The cost per day is aproximately 25€ but if you are willing to rent a car before coming, to book it in advanced we recommend you the company where you will find amazing prices. Gran Canaria, known as the mini-continent, has much to discover. If you want to see the island, we recommend you joining us on our famous Island tour (see also question: What kind of activities do you provide?) However, if you want to start your own tour, we can help you to find a good rental offer.
Getting around and knowing the city with a bike is a good and ecological option. Close to your apartment, you will find different bike rental places. Upon your arrival, our staff can help you with the organization.
Nightlife in Gran Canaria is lively, noisy and fun. For nightlife with a Canarian flavour, Las Palmas offers many bars and clubs around Calle José Franchy Roca, Plaza de Espana and in the district of Mesa y Lopez. Also popular at night are the areas around Calle Triana and Vegueta, where the bars offer a more sophisticated atmosphere. It starts late and goes on all night with most bars opening until 02.00 and discos and clubs usually until 06.00.
Compared to the rest of Europe, Gran Canaria and even its capital Las Palmas, have pretty good prices. You can get the daily menu in restaurants (starter-main and desert+ drink) for prices around 10€. As in the rest of Spain, beer and wine are cheap. Don’t expect to pay more than 1,5€ at a restaurant. Fruits and vegetables are incredibly cheap and tasty. It is the same for public transportation, taxi rides, tobacco, and gasoline, going to the cinema or using the internet.


Unfortunately, we do not offer the booking of flight tickets. See question: Where can I find cheap flights?
The airport of Gran Canaria is located just 16 km south of Las Palmas. To get to the capital you need 30 minutes driving by car or 40 minutes going by bus.
Dozens of airlines, many of which you may never have heard of, fly into the Canary Islands. The following international airlines fly in and out of Gran Canaria:
• Air Lingus
• Air Berlin
• Binter Canarias
• British Airways
• Conder
• Easyjet
• Iberia
• Monarch www.monarch. com
• Ryan Air
• Thomas Cook
• Transavia Airline
• Tuifly
• Vueling
• Norwegian air
Check the webpages mentioned before. It´s wise to do this now and then to find special offers. Tui, Airberlin and Ryanair regularly have bargains in their offers. Beyond that, we recommend you flight search engines like skyscanner, opodo, eDreams or travelsupermarkt.
• When I booked a Transfer?
The transfer has to be payed directly to the driver on the arrival. After giving us your flight information, there will be someone of our staff to pick you up and bring you back to the airport.
• With public transport?
If you want to come individually, the easiest way is to take Bus number 60 to Parque Santa Catalina (10mins from our Apartment). Further instructions will be given upon arrival.
• With my rental Car?
You pick up a rental car at the airport, then take the highway GC-1 to Las Palmas, always following the sign “Mesa y Lopez”. It is better to check on Google Maps how to get to C/Portugal corner C/Galileo. click here.
That’s the closest point to the apartments that you can get. The accommodation is located on the beach promenade where it is not allowed to drive with a car. Find a close parking spot and just walk along the beach to the Paseo de Las Canteras nº58.
• With a Taxi ?
If you arrive in a taxi, let the driver know that you have to get off at “Calle Portugal esquina (corner) Calle Galileo.” From here, walk along the beach to the Paseo de Las Canteras nº58. There will be someone from of our staff welcoming you.
There is no specific time of the year for cheap flights, however with a little effort searching the web and a bit of luck, you can find very cheap flights the year round.
Just send us an e-mail! The Surf Camp Las Palmas Team´s always happy to answer questions